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Making of Liara and Shepard - Always here for you. by AHague Making of Liara and Shepard - Always here for you. by AHague
Making of Liara and Shepard - Always here for you [link]

Photoshop cs5.1 with a hard, round brush, 10-50% opacity, 50% flow.

1. I used a stock image as a reference for the bodies and pose but decided to change the head. I had four different ideas.

2. Settled on how their faces should look. Roughly sketched out their clothing.

3. Filled in the background and added lighting. I paint over the lines but keep a copy of the lines layer for reference for detail later

4. Adding in the background. I wanted them to be standing near a window on the Normandy. Moved Sheps left hand to a more intimate position.

5. I went for a populated planet and starscape for what can be seen out the window.

6. Adding detail to the starscape, increasing the brightness of the sun peaking over the planet, added in stronger highlights to correspond to the bright sun light.

7. Shep and Liara face finished and smoothed out before i add facial scars/features.

8. Faces finished, shep beard and hair added, liara’s tentacle spots added. I took a hard round brush and set it to scatter, opacity 15%, made it to the size i wanted to paint Liara’s tentacle spots and Sheps beard. Sheps hair and defining the beard was done using one of the odd shaped default brushes set to opacity 15%.

9. Sheps clothing is done. This is where a copy of the lines layer comes in handy so I can see where the spots i have painted over are.

10. Started Liara’s clothing, refilled in Sheps arm.

11. Almost finished Liara’s clothing. Contrast adjustments on most things to keep them from getting too dark or light.

12. Sheps arm finished, added more texture to skin, finished all clothing.

13. Changed starscape to something with more detail. Used one of my photos as a reference.

14. Added a new layer, set it to color and painted on colors at low opacity and a soft brush.

Finished version [link]

Stock used [link]
Photo [link]
Model [link]
Akernis Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Impressive thanks for the tutorial :)
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December 26, 2012
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